Friday, 17 April 2015

Le dernier jour

Aujourd'hui, c'était le dernier jour de cours. Pour commencer, on a appris sur le météo.

Voici est notre prévision météo mondial!

On a trouvé beaucoup d'activités pour utiliser en classe

After an international rendition of Happy Birthday, we finished with a competition between the primary and secondary teachers- luckily it was a draw!

An AMAZINGLY week of ERASMUS all round 😃

See you all on Tuesday

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Jeudi 16 avril

Today the teachers became the students... 

Our task today was to work in small groups (based on the age groups which we teach), share ideas and come up with a fun way to teach and practise new vocabulary. 

Next we were able to test our ideas on one another, while practising our spoken French of course!

Les profs

Les élèves!

After that we looked at different activities which could be used to teach the different sounds. Les virelangues (tongue twisters) were our favourites!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

A l'université

Over the past few days we have been feeling nostalgic about school; learning about the verbs has brought back all those memories of higher French! 
We have also been gathering ideas for teaching: 
- the numbers
- descriptive language
- likes and dislikes

Yesterday we had a big questionnaire to fill out all about Lyon. This encouraged us to practise our spoken French and get chatting to Les Lyonnaise. Along with my colleagues from Bruntsfield Primary School we managed to find the answers to 19/20 questions (and sampled some fantastic local cuisine along the way) 

Vieux Lyon

Monday, 13 April 2015

Lundi 13 avail

Aujourd'hui, aprés une belle course côté de la Rhône, nous sommes allés à l'université pour la douxième jour d'études. 

We spend the day learning about the French education system, national celebrations and posing different questions (en français, bien sur!) we've been gathering so many fantastic ideas and resources to use once we get back to Edinburgh.

This is a great quiz to play with the class using iPads

A bit of sorting!

The afternoon was spent playing a game of pétanque (Miss McGrouther was in the winning team of course!) before another delicious traditional French meal where we can practise our spoken French.

A demain!

Nous sommes arrivés a Lyon!!

Yesterday we arrived in Lyon for the second week of classes. We spent the day learning about l'alphabet, pronunciation français and les animaux!

After a visit to the local boulangerie it was time for a tour of vieux Lyon. C'est formidable non?

Friday, 10 April 2015

More Fantastic Ideas

Today we were introduced to more fantastic games to play with our classes. 
ICT games included quizzes you could play with your class on iPads and mobile phones. We also learnt a cooperative learning game where groups of 5 recorded information on a grid about each other in response to Spanish questions and then memorised it before going up against each other on a T.V. Style wuiz. It was lots of fun.

Another great day. 

Thursday, 9 April 2015


Today the weather began to fulfil our expectations and we enjoyed a coffee by the Rhone. 

We have progressed and now attend the University for our classes. Nous sommes tres fieres!
In the morning we studied numbers from "0 a l'infinie," and can count in rhythm (en Francais), and even subtract. We have also learnt that the French are better at recycling than we are - they even recycle their numbers beyond 60!! We will teach you when we return. 
We rounded off Wednesday with a visit a le cinema. Ms Christie saw un animation and Mrs Peace went to un film sentimental. 
A bientot

Le Septieme Avril -Salut

We have been so busy that there was no time to blog. We have lots to tell you!
Grammar is very simple and nothing to be afraid of, contrary to popular belief. Phonetically, there are very few sounds once you have mastered the position of your mouth and cheeks when pronouncing "les voyelles". We have learned vocabulary for parts of the body and are keen to play "Jacques dit...." (the French version of "Simon says") when we return.

On Tuesday we had a free afternoon in which to explore Old Lyon and compete in a quiz on the area. It is a fascinating place. We saw the remains of an Odeon. There are only two examples of these in the world. On the top of a very steep hill there is a fabulously ornate Basilica and Chapel.

We have eaten well and in the local tradition and had lots of conversations with Lyonnaises. 

Ser y Estar

Today we were learning about the differences between the verbs ser and estar. We read a story about Little Red Riding Hood and looked at when to use each verb then wrote our own retellings of a traditional fairy tale. 

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Salut les Copains!

We were back at school today, learning grammar and vocabulary! The group was divided into two - the elephants and the jaguars. Naturally Mrs Peace and Ms Christie were both Sciennes' jaguars.

In the afternoon we learned about the French education system. (We think we will come back!) They work more hours here and there are no PSAs! 

We rounded off the day with a team game of Pétanque. This ia a bit like bowls but the 'boules' are made of metal and make a noise like "pétanque" when they collide. We need to get better at this.

At last the wind has dropped and the sun has come out. Perhaps we can shed the thermals tomorrow.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Los Animales

El mono, el elefante, el caballo, El buho, El Leon, El conejo, la mariposa.
We have been learning the names of animals in Spanish. 


A morning in class then an open top bus trip. 

Fabulous city with both old and some very innovative and 
modern architecture. Blue skies but very cold.