Thursday, 9 April 2015

Le Septieme Avril -Salut

We have been so busy that there was no time to blog. We have lots to tell you!
Grammar is very simple and nothing to be afraid of, contrary to popular belief. Phonetically, there are very few sounds once you have mastered the position of your mouth and cheeks when pronouncing "les voyelles". We have learned vocabulary for parts of the body and are keen to play "Jacques dit...." (the French version of "Simon says") when we return.

On Tuesday we had a free afternoon in which to explore Old Lyon and compete in a quiz on the area. It is a fascinating place. We saw the remains of an Odeon. There are only two examples of these in the world. On the top of a very steep hill there is a fabulously ornate Basilica and Chapel.

We have eaten well and in the local tradition and had lots of conversations with Lyonnaises. 

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